Our Team

Our staff links logistics to people. We strive to make 3PL logistics feel like first person friendly. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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Company History

     G.H. “Buddy” Stalling, III, was President and CEO of G. Stalling and Company for over 50 years. As a successful entrepreneur, Buddy recognized the need and potential for 3PL storage and distribution.  To meet the needs of the tobacco exports of the day, the vision of Tomahawk Warehousing was created.

      W. Wayne Brown co-founded Tomahawk Warehousing through a partnership with Buddy. Wayne acted as Secretary/Treasurer for the company and under his leadership, guided Tomahawk to record growth expanding service potential beyond tobacco into our services today.

       Tomahawk Warehousing Services is proud of our history. With the lessons learned through the past forty years, Tomahawk Warehousing looks forward to solving the logistics issues that face consumers today and for years to come.